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Welcome to my corner of the world, filled with mystery, intrigue, humor and the search for truth. Perhaps you are here to learn more about my acclaimed crime thriller, Death Sine. Maybe you heard about the real-life hidden truths exposed in my WTF (Weigh the Facts) blog that has the internet buzzing. Or maybe you happened here by chance. Whatever the reason, I am delighted our paths have crossed, and I hope you will enjoy exploring my world where the line between fact and fiction is often blurred. More

The Book: Death Sine


Conspiracies fuel this new and exciting series that takes flight with the publication of its first book, Death Sine.

Author Lawrence Earle Johnson pens a thrilling tale following the exploits of an investigative reporter and a clandestine agent, who work together to try to thwart a diabolical plan using ELF waves to take over the world.

From the brutal murder of a U.S. senator in Washington, D.C. to a raging gun battle in a secret enclave in the north woods, death and destruction follow them wherever they go.

It is a race against time to see who will win the battle as bodies are exhumed, clues are examined, and witnesses die mysteriously. Will they make it in time? Will they survive?


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News & Events

  • 3rd
    Holiday Book Market 12-3pm

    Traverse City District Library, MI
    Join Johnson at TADL's 2nd annual Holiday Book Market! He and other local authors will be selling & signing their books. Pick up a copy of Death Sine & have it signed  - it's the perfect holiday gift for your favorite bookworm!
  • 27th
    Lecture Series 7-8pm
    Petoskey District Library - Petoskey, MI
    Johnson will discuss how his extensive law enforcement background inspired the development of the characters and plot of his book, Death Sine.

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